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Learn to stretch your legs and shift the Center of gravity by one-time

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     (1) Learn to stretch your legs and shift the center of gravity by one-time
A lot of players can not find the right feeling in a long time in the latter kicking legs and shift the center of gravity training, after finish the dynamic shaping of upper body(Transfers the waist, Wields the arm) in the forehand attack training. One easy way to solve this is: “kicking” your racket-holding-side-knee inward, and you will easily kick your legs, move your hip and shift the center of gravity. Aha just ONCE!

(2) Confirmation of the height of the body center of gravity
The height of the table is fixed but players are different in height. Then how to know your body center of gravity height? In my experience, the appropriate height should be: when you were in your ready position (parallel stance, the distance between your two feet should be as long as your shoulder or a little longer; keep your stomach and chest in, the upper body lean a little forward, the big arm fall naturally and close to your body, the little arm maintains the vertical relationship with big arm), the elbow you hold your racket should be at the same height of the net. In this position, when you make an attack you can swing your arm in the shortest distance by directly whipping right-backward; when you pull your ball just lean it a little can you stretch racket. This is medium height of your body center of gravity, both convenient for handle in-table ball and out-table ball.       
(3) One way to work out your thigh muscle 
It is the power of your thigh that matters whether you can move your body swiftly. How to strengthen your thigh muscle's strength quickly and effectively? One easy way to make it is: standing at a distance about a thigh to the wall, and squatting down, maintains the calf vertical with the ground, thigh vertical with calf and the upper-body upright and against the wall. Just keep that gesture for practice every day for three to five minutes, you will see the difference by your own eyes.
(4) One way of interesting footwork training
When come to the topic of training footwork few players think it simple, they take it too rigid or dull, or not sure they can make it at last. Now I’ll recommend one method: put the racket holder into the knot of your pant and the rubber facing out, the center of the racket at the same height of the net or a little higher. Let one partner feed you the ball by many ball at the same time(of course, he can feed you once a time), but all you can use to hit the ball back is step over, step, step touch, pivot step and cross step. You can practice it by standing at the same place or line, and then practice it random. Practice it for a time you would preliminary formed a sense of play table tennis by using your footwork, and the ability of moving your body by using all kinds of footwork will be highly improved.

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