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Short Dicussions On Watching the Ball & Steps When Playing

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     The more you play, the more you experience ,and the more you  feel. I have played table tennis so many times these days, but there are several serious problems on me, I feel that if I don’t correct them in time, it will be more difficult for me to improve my skills.
First: Eyes don’t stare at the ball when playing
We, amateur, always ignore to stare at the ball. Whether we serve or play, we only head down and pay much attention to ourselves, when the opponent’s ball comes, we serve it back only by a kind of intuition. in this case, it will have a direct impact on the level of playing back. When we play the ball, our eyes should react quickly and have to stare at the ball, what’s more, you should stare at the ball all the time, especially stare at the direction of the counterpart’s racket touching the ball, the direction of serving the ball and the movement of steps in order to make a quick reaction, of course, I feel it very tired to stare at the ball, but if you don’t stare at the opponent’s ball carefully, it will be very difficult to judge the other's power and direction of serving, so we will lose the ball, and we will make a lot of mistakes, Therefore, we should form a good habit of staring at the ball, it will be conducive to the implementation of diversionary tactics. To judge is a very important basic skill, maybe everyone has forgotten this important point.
Second: The Movement of Steps
The movement of steps is very important when we play table tennis. No matter how outstanding atheletes they are, even though their levels have reached a certain degree of skill level ,it is also very difficult for them to improve their playing skills. If the movement of steps isn’t very good enough. To a large extent, you will be constrained to develop a higher level for playing. Good footwork can make up the poor practices and poor coordination and so on. Unlike me, up to now, when I take my positions, I still separate my two feet too wide, it is much wider than my two shoulders, my body is also still paralled, Therefore, at present, the level of my playing skill hasn’t been improved a lot, it still remains at the same place and just so so. I always feel that it is very difficult for my body to move from left to right side. The focus of my body is a little high. The errors are so many. If there is a coach warns me aside ,maybe I can play one or two former boards, but to the third or fourth board, I will lose the center gravity of my body and the correct postures. The reason is that my legs are too straight and my body can’t move ahead, and my action of playing will go up and down, and also it will be easier for my upper boby to back after I serve the ball, I really have no ideas on how to improve my playing skills. Therefore, when we play the ball, no matter it is the staring of the ball, footwork and the positon of serving and so on, when playing .It needs us to treat it conscientiously. Anything cannot be ignored, otherwise , it will not only impact our level exertion, but also it will be a stubborn obstacle of improving our skills directly. Ha ha… the above we have discussed is my personal viewpoints and opinions, perhaps they are not comprehensive or correct , maybe everybody can consider them as a kind of reference and lessons for drawing.

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