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Table tennis benefits

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1. table tennis is a collection strength, speed, flexibility, sensitive and stamina diathesis for ball games and, at the same time, the perfect combination of technology and tactics, and secondly because of the typical characteristics of athletics sports very obvious and entertainment, and make it become a train brave, witty, quality and resolute retain green vigor, adjust nerve effective movement. From the Angle of fitness, table tennis court and equipment, high requirements for fitness person body condition requirements are relatively loose, whether men, women and children are can receive good fitness effect.

2. the tennis ball is small, fast speed, quickly, technology transition game variety, want to consider the technology, and consider the tactics. Table tennis movement in the brain to think, so fast tension can promote the blood circulation, the brain brain sufficient supply of energy, has the good brain function.

3. in the table tennis is a certain amount of explosive and movements of the highly accurate, to do eye to hand, and pace. Compared with other project, PingQiu sports training not only the brain, muscle in the body is exercise, more important is to improve the ability of coordination and balance of the body.

4. scientific research shows that sport can shorten the reaction time. Table tennis exercise intensity range is larger, but basically belongs to the category of aerobic exercise, through sport can good heart lungs endurance. Recently, some scholars put table tennis is "optimal prevent myopia, table tennis exercise for the prevention and treatment of myopia to help. Its subtle in table tennis, the eyes to table tennis as the goal, constantly, so far, and movement, constantly cycloplegic and eye muscle contraction and relaxation outside alternately, greatly promote the eyeball organization of blood supply and metabolic, thus can effectively improve the functions of protection, cycloplegic vision and preventing myopia play a positive role.

Chinese national table tennis training center



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