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CNTTTC Short-term Ex-gratia Training

Chinese national table tennis training center (

    Chinese National Table Tennis Training Center(CNTTTC) launches special preferential short-term 8 days team training in order to celebrate the direct flights open between Taipei Taoyuan Airport and Shijiazhuang Airport.

    As it reduces the journey of the pick-up and see-off in Beijing Airport, it saves two days training time for the players and makes the players get a great value enjoyment here.

   The specific itinerary is as follows:
The first day: Picking-up in Shijiazhuang Airport and check-in on each Thursday afternoon. From the second day to the sixth day, to participate in the professional training in the training center.

   To visit the famous attractions on the seventh day: Cangyan Mountain ( The filming locations of the film “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” which is directed by Taiwan famous director Ang lee), and in the evening, to taste cuisines ---- Beijing Roast Duck.

     To visit the world’s oldest stone arch bridge --- Zhaozhou Bridge and Bailin Temple on the eighth day. And then, to take the flight back to Taipei Taoyuan Airport in the afternoon.
     The follow is the preferential price for the team that the person number is more than 10:
     The fee of each training player is 750USD.

    The fee of the accompanied persons who don’t participate in the training is 580USD.

Costs include:
The fee of pick-up and see-off in Shijiazhuang Airport, the traffic fee in China , the insurance fee in China , each person 230,000RMB . the lodging and meals fee , training fee , two sports T-shirts for each person , a couple of table tennis paddle , training completion certificate , the internet in the room , providing bottled mineral water everyday , laundry , the accompanied translator and driver and so on .

Costs does not include:international air tickets, international telephone and personal shopping.

    One leader or coach of each team can get a full activities free offers.

    The introduce on the training center:
    The introduce on Cangyan Mountain:
    The introduce on Zhaozhou Bridge:
    The introduce on Bailin Temple:

Chinese national table tennis training center



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