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CNTTTC coach to talk about serve (6)

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   Noting prepare for attack after serve :

    On the whole, the purpose of preparing for attack after serve is : To improve serve quality by various of ways , increase the difficulty of the opponent receiving the ball, make the opponent hit a bad ball , thereby, it creates the condition of attacking .
    Specifically, the following points should be noted :
     (1) it makes use of opponent’s loopholes and weakness, constantly changing in placement, rotation, power and curve, thereby , increase the serve quality , and create the chance of attacking .
     (2) Research the serve discipline, when serving , you can predict the opponent hitting line generally, thereby increase the probability of attacking successfully.
     (3) Use the power of serve, maneuver the opponents, such as, serve the close-net, short and spiral ball, combination    the end-line, left ,right, close to body, long and fast ball, it often can have a multiplier effect.
     (4) Use the combination of spiral , such as, serve close-net and non-spiral ball, and serve close-net and backspin ball , left side topspin ball, serve to the left side of the opponents. This spin combination makes the opponents feel unfamiliar so that you can control the competition rhythm and gain the points constantly


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