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   Forehand short court attack:
Action tips: When pen-hold forehand short court attack( the following is as a example of right-hand grip),body closed to table, right foot slightly afterward, bend knees slightly, upper body slightly forward. Before hitting the ball, swing the racket to the right of body and in the shape of cross-shaped, the upper arm is about 35 degrees with the body is about 120 degrees with the forearm. When the ball bounces form table, arm quickly swings from right to left forward, the forearm forces mainly. When hitting the ball, the index finger relaxes, and the thumb presses the racket, making the racket forward and acting internal-spin with wrist, hitting the middle part of the ball when it is in early stage.

When hand-and-shake short court forehand driving, the forearm and wrist in a straight line and nearly parallel with the table, racket grip slightly down. The time, part, racket angle and direction of arm waving of hitting the ball is basically similar to the pen-hold grip.

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