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Wang Liqin of style and features

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   Wang Liqin is the right hand horizontal position players, introverted, good psychological quality, the game belongs to the slow type. Wang Liqin at the running game on both sides of loop combination Loop technology is a world class level, comprehensive technology, there is no obvious weaknesses, the only downside is not too many backhand rally rotation and modern Malone, Zhang Division of backhand compared to the technology has been relatively backward, Malone Chang Chi Division backhand technology has exceeded the level of their predecessors. Due to the slow and hot, so Wang Liqin in the field that never give up the spirit to strive and work hard in one minute worth of young players to learn.

    Wang Liqin of his friends often called the king vigorously, the strength of the Wang Liqin is particularly good, so he was head coach Li Xiaodong, who said that Wang Liqin to highlight the forehand, to create the world's first forehand. I would like a third of the World Table Tennis Champion, and can attest to this.

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