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Marlene of style and features

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  Straight fast-break style of play, "Spirit, clever, fast, accurate, ruthless, cunning", Ma Lin, who has been fully reflected.Marlene have a good serve, take the initiative to get started fast, placement Diao, as people lost in the minds of the first three plate technology has obvious advantages. Stalemate in Energy far, especially the forehand, has a strong fight in strength, and this is difficult to have generally straight players. In the rhythm control, Marlene is one-upmanship, there are a lot of balls should be used as case become a classic, with the connotation of artistic expression. The Marlene footwork is also commendable, especially when the initiative to attack, the scope and speed of running amazing. Then serve as well as the transition ball handling, but also a reflection of Marlene's table tennis awareness and a high degree of skill, control of the placement of opponents helpless, irritated extremely
Always feel awkward, so do not be put into play with Marlene.

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