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Wang Hao of style and features

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Wang Hao's largest technical characteristics of non-pen-hold grip to cross-play "is none other than. Completely abandoned his backhand block shot, cross-playing to attack, their backhand compared favorably with the cross-board player. Wang Hao's pen - cross-play with a twist wrist action, so the ball a certain amount of side spin, so that the opponent was difficult to adjust. Play and horizontal position players compared to the more lethal, more threatening. This play is not only up and down spin can take the initiative to attack, but also can use the anti-with anti-tear anti-shaving technology to increase the backhand defense, after the retreat to Taiwan to loop the ball locked in a stalemate.

    Wang Hao in backspin use backhand screw, first of all the index finger should be open inward racket wrist to try to adduction of the upper arm and elbow forward, lift up, wrist inward rotation, the upper arm as far as possible outside the sheets. Swing the upper arm and shoulder when in a horizontal line, the upper arm basic fixed rely on the forearm and wrist rotation to screw the ball back with a spin on the strong side.

    Wang Hao's serve can be said to be quite satisfactory, mainly to the introduction of the short ball, forehand high toss the ball against the rotating ball use more, but slower ball speed, easily control. The placement of the ball is also more formal and are Middle Road, about the third pallet tighten the convergence of good.

    To tighten the pick the main processing units within the ball, then mainly depends on the backhand of continuous attack, forehand and backhand conversion speed. But forehand sideways technology to small. By backhand tricky line to control the other party, a strong forehand rally, but not the momentum.

    Exercises held racket backside to play table tennis faithful must pay more attention to the decomposition of its action introduced in learning to Wang Hao backhand technology. Backhand cross-play technology this trick to make him unbeatable, if supplemented by Chen Qi forehand Burst, then Wang Hao is invincible invincible.

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