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Zhang Division of style and features

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  1. Serve

    Zhang Division serve to reverse serve, this tee in recent years, a new ball technology, and its relatively high technical requirements, the effect of actual use is also relatively high. Serve characteristics of each person is different, and Zhang Jike in reverse when serving first leaned forward and serve stations and tables into a 90-degree angle, the racket arm to lift the highest point of the elbow raise, when the ball drops to the right chest when the friction-dominated batting in the lower part, at the same time the wrist up the jitter. So issued to the ball with a strong rotation. Each other only force to twist, which will cause the net.

(2) the backhand side of the screw

    Zhang Division of backhand side of the twist can be said Zhang Division of Trump, although in recent years a lot of players have used this technology, and Zhang Jike will play to the extreme of this technology. This technology to effectively solve the backhand hair how to spin a short ball to attack the serve receive side Buzhi Yu in the first three panels directly into passivity. Some differences: Zhang Division of the backhand side twist compared with the European players batting quality from the point of view, Zhang Division side of the screw speed faster, the arc lower placement is more tricky from a technical action to swing more for brevity. During the Taiwan medial twist exercises need to coordinate the body force, in particular, should pay attention to the little tricks of the arm and wrist in order to improve the quality of the ball.

(3) forehand rally

    Forehand dominated, in the 51st World Table Tennis Championships semi-final, Zhang Division with a powerful forehand attack German tanks suffered a complete defeat. Zhang Division is in hand speed and power is not his main advantage is that the stalemate in the change, this change is reflected in the changes in strength, speed and rotation.


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