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Xu Xin of style and features

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  A pace superior: simple does not stand out from the Xu Xin's play, compared with Wang Hao both sides of the loop play, Xu Xin, the play closer to traditional candy bar style of play. He and Marlene play is quite similar, but Xu Xin and Ma Lin superb ball and small ball, but he did not record the success can be attributed to his flexible pace, the pace of table tennis fan friends to learn about Xu Xin's pace.

    2, the superior mental qualities: in the first round through Moscow "Xin against top-ranked Malone, the game just the beginning, he was the Malone momentum suppression, lost the next two Councils. Xu Xin, then to adjust the attitude, the initiative to step up offensive in the third inning, go-ahead score in the backward and three Lianban, the final score of 11:8,11:6 and 11:7, a big reversal.

    3, left-handed advantage: the bit right-hand player, Xu Xin, the left hand straight play in the stalemate on the pull link is easy to control each other's forehand loop drive, and Xu Xin, the technology is more comprehensive, not much technical loopholes.

    4, strong anti-pull: Xu Xin Loop power is not very difficult to see the score of a board, but its rally capacity is quite strong rally bad straight golfers learn more about Xu Xin shot at the the stalemate ball in the timing and mobile pace.


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