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Liu Shiwen of style and features

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   Action from the technical point of view, Liu Shiwen is not the main hitting power, the absolute rotation of her forehand is not very strong, but in the continuous pull the ball, she is more flexible regulation of the rotation, especially in Taiwan consecutive stalematesuddenly, her forehand shot placement changing the rhythm of change is very obvious. In addition, in order to ensure the speed advantage, the regulation Liu Shiwen batting point very well, she is usually in the early stages of decline to the ball hit the ball forward full force, in addition to fully utilize the power of the legs and waist, so that the ball back the arc is very low, flat to ensure a fast hitting.

Liu Shiwen's height is not dominated by such players usually improve the speed of the ball back, the use of flexible placement changes to contain the other, this is their technical characteristics. Liu Shiwen action compact swing coordination, she can make good use of the strength of body shots with flexible footwork, and a reasonable focus of regulation to ensure rapid restore, which is the basis for her to ensure that the technology to play, but also achieved excellent be critical.

Forehand correct ready position - the body center of gravity to maintain stability in the preparation of the Forehand, the body weight must remain stable. My height is not dominant, so my legs just slightly bent, feet spacing is slightly wider than shoulder, left foot slightly to the front. My upper body leaning forward, but forward the magnitude is not large, simply the focus of pressure to the feet of the forefoot can be. Forefoot support body can be better to stomp, to ensure the fast-moving.

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